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Daily Fantasy Sports

Gain a unique competitive edge on daily fantasy sports by leveraging the latest AI/Machine Learning technology for predictive analytics, roster construction, decision optimization and more while staying up-to-date with the latest breaking news. Available now for NBA and MLB, NFL and NHL coming soon.

Professional Sports

Learn how your professional sports team can leverage modern AI/Machine learning technology for player evaluation, player development, team performance and more...


  • Diana H. Testimonial Headshot Diana H.

    Finally an optimizer that seems to take in all the stats I analyze for my lineups. The other one I have used was spitting out a lot of lineups but most of them weren't what I was looking for.

  • SkullKing Football Testimonial Headshot SkullKing Football

    ProLytics has been a game changer for my DFS lineups. The AI projections are not your typical cookie cutter projections. Their AI has not only been helped me with finding value players, but also the high end players to avoid. I cannot say enough for how much ProLytics has taken my DFS lineups to the next level

  • Daniel G Testimonial Headshot Daniel G

    I used it a little this week, (week 3) and I’m winning in all my lineups but 1

  • Will S. Testimonial Headshot Will S.

    I definitely liked: the multi lineup and the ability to expand/limit player exposure. It was very user friendly. I wish there were was a possible option for different type of contest, like cash games vs large tour'name'nt. And possibility of projected ownership for players. Hope that helps a little. Also the ability to fade certain teams was nice as well

  • Fantasy Gridiron Testimonial Headshot Fantasy Gridiron

    I am consistently successful and couldn't of done it without your MME optimizer tool to help me generate multiple lineups

  • Marv G Testimonial Headshot Marv G

    S/O to @ProLytics1 for such an AMAZING site with good quality info... we gonna be taking sh*t down SOON

  • NFLAuthority via Instagram Testimonial Headshot NFLAuthority via Instagram

    For anyone and everyone that plays DFS you gotta get a subscription to prolytics website. I used it last week for the first time and I won 8 out of 10 of my lineups! It’s pretty cheap for all the money I’m starting to make and so can you

  • Mike Reily Testimonial Headshot Mike Reily

    You guys are basically psychics...